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There are four major theme parks which keep drawing people back to Disney World in Florida. These theme parks are the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, the Animal Kingdom and MGM Studios. Each of these theme parks creates a unique and highly themed experience for their visitors. With a roster of classic rides and attractions as well as new ones being added on a regular basis, there is always something fun and exciting to do at Disney World in Florida.

The Magic Kingdom is often considered to be the iconic park of the Disney World in Florida. With Cinderella's Castle at the heart of the theme park, many people associate this park with the fun of Disney World. There are several classic rides located within the Magic Kingdom such as Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean. With these essential Disney rides, many people keep coming back to the Magic Kingdom.

Epcot is a fun theme park at Disney World in Florida, but often for different reasons than the Magic Kingdom and the other theme parks. Epcot focuses more on educational fun with attractions like the World Showcase and Innoventions. For those who want to ride the thrill rides, there are fun rides such as Test Track and Mission Space to ride as well. While Epcot does focus more on educational things, don't automatically exclude it from your Walt Disney World vacation. There are still several fun things to do and see while at this theme park at Disney World in Florida.

The Animal Kingdom is the newest theme park at Disney World in Florida and features several fun attractions. The main draw of this park, however, is the Kilimanjaro Safari. This ride takes you on an actual safari ride through recreated African terrain while live animals roam around your vehicle. For those who can't get to Africa to take a real safari, you can get a taste of what it would be like at Kilimanjaro Safari. There are other attractions at the Animal Kingdom which keep bringing people back as well. The newest attraction in all of Disney World in Florida is quickly becoming one of the most popular attractions at the Animal Kingdom. Expedition Everest is a rollercoaster which takes you on a search up and down Mt. Everest. There are also several excellent live shows which people often want to see multiple times.

The last major theme park at Disney World in Florida is MGM Studios. This theme park focuses on the glamour of old Hollywood. With rides like the Tower of Terror and movie stunt shows, you can get a taste of how Hollywood can make its movies. There is also an excellent roller coaster at MGM Studios called Aerosmith's Rockin' Rollercoaster. This theme park also features one of the most popular fireworks shows in all of Disney World in Florida. Fantasmic is a show people regularly come back to. Whether you choose to visit one or all of the parks, there are lots of things to do at Disney World in Florida.

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